Mother's Day

Give Plants: Posted on 06-May-2012.

Mother’s Day.  We recently ran a poll on Facebook asking what mothers would most like for Mother’s Day. Guess what? Mothers would love a day spent away from their children! We really didn’t need a poll to tell us that. No surprises there then. That is something the husband could do for her – look after the kids for the day while mum has a well-earned rest, maybe catching up with friends for lunch or a coffee.

However, what about the rest of us who have a mother living somewhere else, maybe a long way away? We kids have grown up but we never forget our mums and we want to let her know we love her and that we are thinking of her on Mother’s Day. Forget flowers, they die. How about sending a ‘living gift’? Give Plants is the new florist, and they make it just so easy for you to send a beautiful flowering plant or fruit tree. Here then is your simple and amazing solution to your Mother’s Day gift question. By sending her a beautiful living plant she will have something to always remember you by.

Give Plants have a lovely pink camellia called ‘Sugar and Spice’ which comes in a large size box with drawstring tote bag and includes a card personalised with your message.  Go to the special Mother’s Day page now to make sure that you don’t miss out and view their fabulous range of Mother’s Day living gifts.