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Sustainable Corporate & Award Gifts

corporate giftBusiness is all about return on investment; giving corporate gifts is no different.

Whether you want to provide corporate gifts to your customers to help reach retention targets or to grow your business, we can assist you to design and implement the most appropriate corporate gift strategy. Our plant and tree gifts have been applied across a wide range of industries and to meet a number of different goals.

What could be better than having your customers picking limes off a tree and remembering that you gave them the plant years earlier.

Give Plants specialises in delivering quality garden centre-grade plants throughout New Zealand. What sets a Give Plants gift apart is that it ticks all the boxes:

  • Increases customer retention.
  • It's a gift that keeps giving for years to come.
  • It's a gift that's different to the rest; a living gift.
  • It's a gift that's eco-friendly, packaged sustainably, and delivered with a personalised card.
  • Provides another talking point with the customer
  • A quality garden centre-grade plant
  • A card with your message
  • A plant card with care instructions
  • Our purpose designed corrugated cardboard boxes, that are designed to protect the plant during delivery, by locking the plant in place. They're made from 68% recycled paper and the rest is from sustainable trees grown in New Zealand. The boxes are fully recyclable.
  • Large size plants are then tucked into handy, drawstring tote bags

We sometimes add in additional products or information for clients. If you would like something else added call us today to discuss on 0800 214 775

Most of our clients prefer to use Give Plants packaging. It adds to the surprise when their customers open the gift still with a sense of anticipation wondering who it's from rather than seeing it as a branding exercise. Clients will often provide a branded card.

We are able to brand the boxes and cards;

  • Boxes can be co-branded and require a lead time of 8 weeks. A quotation will be provided on request for the boxes and additional costs include film, design and transportation costs of the packaging. Depending on box runs and colours, a branded box will add an additional $4.00 - $12.00 per unit for the medium box (we can establish pricing once volumes and brands are confirmed and a minimum run is 150 units)
  • Cards can be produced for the box and require 3 weeks lead time and additional charges apply. Branded cards (card size 148 x 210mm, folded to 148 x 105mm A6)

  • Call today on 0800 214 775 to discuss branding options

Our philosophy is simple; whatever is easiest for you. There are number options that we provide for our corporate clients:

  • Bulk data spreadsheets are sent to Give Plants and we produce labels or merge data onto our gift cards
  • Completed cards in addressed envelopes get sent to Give Plants. We remove the cards and place inside the box
  • Hand written cards details and message provided to us and we write the message on cards provided
  • Plants dispatched directly to you for you to distribute to your clients

Please note: additional charges may apply for certain options

Call today to discuss the ordering process that best suits you on 0800 214 775

Talk to the Give Plants team today about tailoring a solution for you.


Or call 0800 214 775

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Leasing corporate plants vs owning your own

Several of our corporate clients have asked us to provide solutions for their office plants. We can provide larger floor office plants or plants for desks. In some cases, these clients have not had office plants and realise the benefits these provide. In other cases companies are simply wanting to shift from leased office plants to company owned office plants to reduce operating costs and get the team involved in caring for the office environment. It’s a solution that ticks all the boxes.

Increased Productivity

Studies have found that plants in the office increase happiness and productivity. These studies have shown that office plants increase productivity by 15%, so they are not only good for you but a great investment.

Team Engagement

Getting the team involved to care for the plants and the wider office environment


The placement of plants in the office help provide a welcoming and calming environment.

Cleaner Air

Office plants improve indoor air quality, they remove air pollutants and produce oxygen

Cost Saving

Reducing operating expenses and payback is often only in a matter of a few short months

Health Benefits

Reducing stress, fatigue and sickness in the workplace.

Talk to the team today about about bulk office plant options

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