• PROJECT Converting leased plants to company owned plants
  • PLANT/S USED Variety of indoor plants in large self-watering pots
  • PURPOSE Reduce operating costs and increase staff engagement for plant care
  • APPROACH When The Group Limited were planning a major office move across their two floors at their HQ in Wellington’s iconic 157 Lambton Quay building, they wanted to ensure that the new fit-out included plenty of greenery to help with air quality. They had a serviced plant contract that was expensive and not really meeting the needs of the staff; the planting was haphazard and there was little control over the variations in planting. This left the floor looking a little random, with different pots, planting and odd sizes. The new office design was based on a Scandinavian minimalist view, with light colours and wooden panelling to reflect light and provide open spaces. Plants were an important factor to break up the starkness, and to ensure some privacy in a very open plan office of around 100 people. In addition, the main reception was designed to provide an immediate sense of welcome to guests exiting the lift to enter the new space. High quality tiling, subtle lighting, and clean lines were the driver, and pots were chosen to add definition to the space to both accentuate and provide contrast. The reception looks over the amazing harbour in Wellington, and plants that could handle the light, but that were hardy were a must. Planting in the meeting rooms is similarly welcoming, with the design to ensure that they did not dominate the spaces. The same large white planters were used across the entire office, and a phased roll-out was agreed. Phase One was the introduction of a mix of plants (as advised by GivePlants) and with varying configurations to see how they coped with the light, and conditions. Phase Two was a double-down on planting and a roll-out of twice the number of plants around the office to provide privacy and to help with air quality.
  • OUTCOME Reduced our operating costs with payback was 3 months. The team are more engaged with caring for the office plants.

    CFO of The Group Limited, John Robson, said “We’re delighted with the new office and the entrance framed by the plants selected by Give Plants and the elegant pots. There is a more personal attachment to the planting; the consistent potting, and uniform choice of plants is in the control of our staff and keeps the space looking professional yet not sterile”.

Indoor Office Plants