Getting Maximum Impact From Your Corporate Gifts

Give Plants: Posted on 19-October-2017.

There is no denying the advantages of giving gifts to your corporate customers. 

A well-chosen gift can not only aid in improving your relationship with existing customers but also attract new business, all the while strengthening your brands image.  It also provides a terrific opportunity to showcase your businesses identity & values.

An act of giving is an effective way to reach out & reconnect with customers you haven’t been in touch with in a while without them feeling the pressure of being asked for anything in return.  It’s a way of saying thank you & showing appreciation but care should be taken to ensure your gift is not seen as favouritism or bribery.

With so many benefits corporate gifts make sense but what is the perfect gift & is there an optimal time to give?

In Incentive Magazine’s 2017 Corporate Gift IQ Survey most respondents used corporate gifts as promotional advertising, thank you’s, recognition and Christmas presents.  Indicating that apart from the usual December rush, gifts are best given as & when appropriate.

At Christmas especially, it’s easy for your gift to get lost in the crowd.  The trick is to make sure yours blows the rest out of the water.  You don’t need to blow the budget with an outrageously large extravagance as your offering, rather something different, a thoughtful and considered gift that impresses your client with its personal touch, reflective of the relationship you have worked build.

Living plants are the ideal solution.  Inexplicably, they are something of a novelty as a corporate gift although with the increased interest & commitment toward creating a cleaner greener world, they are sure to become the next ‘go to’ gift.   Plants epitomise eco-friendly & sustainability, the addition of an indoor plant to an office desk has been proven to improve the sense of wellbeing & happiness in the workplace.    

Plants that provide a bounty of fruit after a fragrant flower display offers double the pleasure and the promise your gift being the best of the bunch.  No home garden or patio is complete without a lemon or lime.   Besides what could be better than having your customers picking fruit off a tree and remembering that you gave them the plant years earlier.

Give Plants offer a wide range of plants to suit any occasion, our smart, specifically designed eco-friendly packaging means no extra costs of wrapping or effort is required. 

We have had many corporate customers tell us how impressed they were with the size & presentation of their Give Plants gift, making a great talking point I in the office and the gift card with a personalised message provided the perfect finishing touch.