Mother's Day 2021

Give Plants: Posted on 21-April-2021.
Flowers and chocolates aren't the only gifts to send Mum this Mother's Day. Mother's Day plants last longer, and you can give your mum a gift that she will appreciate for months - maybe even years to come. 
Send Mother's Day plants that will oxygenate your home and keep mum happy, or send your mum a gift of a beautiful Gardenia to add to her new flourishing garden.

What are the Best Plants for Mother's Day?

The best plants for Mother's Day are the ones that show your love and appreciation for everything that mum does for you. If you're struggling to come up with Mother's Day plant gift ideas, be sure to check out our awe-inspiring Mother's Day plant suggestions (and have one delivered straight to her door!). The Anthurium or Peace Lily is the perfect gift to set out on the deck or the windowsill of your mother's home.

Houseplants make great Mothers Day gifts because there is such a wide variety available. Some are low-maintenance and easy-going for the new gardener. And some require a little more attention for mums that are well-versed in all things green-fingered. Just remember not to over-water house plants. Check the soil with your finger and if it doesn't feel dry don't water it.