Answering the Question Of What Do You Buy For A Housewarming Gift

Give Plants: Posted on 10-August-2015.
Deciding on things to buy for a housewarming can be a challenge at times. Here at Give Plants we have a stunning selection of real house plants for sale online, and with living gifts becoming increasingly popular we have so many plants to choose from that would look great in a new home.

As an example, new to our plant gift range is the Calathea, an exotic plant with striking dark olive leaves and purple backs. This little beauty has interesting fury brown stems and arching foliage with crinkled edges that will make it a stand-out feature in any home. The ever-popular Peace Lily is a beautiful plant that would bring a sense of freshness and calmness to any house with its lovely white flowers and dark green leaves.

We also have many outdoor plants that would fit in well and add colour and character to any garden. Our citrus range is very popular as these plants will continue to give back years down the track when juicy limes and lemons can be picked off the tree, these living gifts will be appreciated for years and will always be a reminder of your thoughtfulness. Or perhaps a plant that blooms beautiful bright flowers, like the stunning Metrosiderous shrub with its beautiful green leaves and vibrant red flowers that bloom in the spring, or a lovely climbing plant like the Jasmine with its sweet fragrant white flowers or a gorgeous Camellia.

Either way with many great plant options to choose the question of ‘what do you buy for a housewarming gift’ is being answered by the team at Give Plants. We have the perfect housewarming gift that will last a lifetime in a new home, growing along with the many memories created in future years to come in that house.